A New Decade Calls for You to Update Your Approach to Reverse Logistics

Below you will find 6 key areas that DRS is working with clients to ensure that their reverse logistics programs are operating at optimal effectiveness, ensuring that these companies are ready to tackle whatever reverse logistics related challenges the next decade throws at them.

Flashback to 2010, if you knew then the impact that the “Amazon effect” or changes to how potentially hazardous items would impact returns and reverse logistics, what would you have done differently to prepare and or react?

Fast forward to today, the arrival of a new decade, you must be updating your approach to executing a best in class reverse logistics program to account for what has changed in this space over the past few years.  If you haven’t made any changes to your program, policies, and overall approach to reverse logistics recently, I guarantee that you are losing money and wasting resources all while operating at a competitive disadvantage.  Those companies who are demanding excellence and are proactively managing returns to minimize cost, waste, and risk are focusing on the following aspects: 


The ease and scale at which your product can be resold online demands that you react by securing your reverse supply chain.  Best in class reverse logistic programs account for 85% or better of returned product. This level of control and security allows the manufacturer to dictate proper disposition.  A harsh reality of reverse logistics circa 2020 is if you are not operating a closed-loop reverse supply chain, your product is ending up on sites like Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, etc.

Total Product Lifecycle Management (TPLM)

Effective TPLM must include an adequate exit strategy that is in place ahead of time.  Preplanning will increase the overall effectiveness of your TPLM program while reducing costs. Partnering with a reverse logistics expert can help you to optimize TPLM while minimizing both cost and risk. 


Regardless of your returns policy, you must manage resets and other product transitions differently today.  Doing so without a closed-loop reverse logistics system will cost you exponentially more than just a few years ago in today’s circular economy.

Amazon Reclaim

As your business with Amazon specifically, and e-Commerce in general, continues to evolve, you must make sure that how you are handling returns for this segment of your business also evolves.  Not doing so can be a significant drag on your profitability within this fast-growing aspect of your business.


Missing out on incorporating numerous updates regarding the handling of these items in the reverse supply chain could prevent you from reversing most of the incremental costs many manufacturers have been forced to absorb these past few years.  As these updates go into effect this year and next you will have the opportunity to reinstate your ability to reclaim these items. 

Reverse Supply Chain Continuous Improvement

If you are not obtaining the insights from your returns data to reduce your cost of returns and eliminate other forms of waste from your supply chain, you are operating at a distinct competitive advantage.

These are just some of the areas that we are focusing on with many of our top clients.  Knowing that this list is by no means all that is involved with managing reverse logistics today you might be facing a different challenge unique to your business.  No matter the challenge you are facing, DRS has the expertise and resources to customize a solution to meet your precise needs. Start the new decade off right and contact DRS today to understand how we can help you find real opportunities to save money in 2020 by bringing your reverse logistics capabilities in line with today’s ever-changing requirements.

DRS product returns is a leading provider of reverse logistics services and solutions to the Consumer Product Goods (CPG) and Retail industries. In servicing our wide range of customers, DRS provides a full suite of available solutions focused on the physical and financial recovery of products affected by damage, discontinuation, recall, or other market driven exceptions. You can learn more about how they are starting companies off right in 2020 at https://drsreturns.com/

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