Product Returns

Processing Expertise

Data Capture-Financial Benefits

At DRS, we believe in the myriad of benefits stemming from the physical control of product returns. DRS inspects and processes returned goods and unsaleables according to the specific requirements set forth by each customer.

The ultimate goal is to provide the customer with actionable data on a variety of issues for a variety of purposes, ranging from the quantity and source of the returns to causal data, package conditions, code date and batch lot.

In addition to the culmination of actionable data, customers regain physical control and protect the brand – ensuring transparent chain of custody for disposition and/or preventing redistribution of the product in undesired channels.

Furthermore, through the DRS Asset Recovery Solution, product returns that are deemed shelf-ready are resold at the highest sell-through rates in the industry, which provides significant financial benefit andoffsets the overall cost of returns.

Key attributes of this program include:

  • Dedicated Transportation Fleet
  • Nationwide Pickups at Every Reclamation Center and Other Designated Locations
  • National Footprint of Processing Facilities
  • Physical Control and Chain of Custody Certification
  • Product Inspection and Data Capture
  • Information Reporting and Data Analytics
  • Asset Recovery and Secondary Market Sales