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The Amazon Effect Whitepaper

The Amazon Effect on Reverse Logistics

As sales continue to shift from traditional brick and mortar stores to online, ecommerce based transactions, the impact to the transactional relationship between manufacturer and retailer has been significant.

This paper focuses on specific impacts to the returns or reverse logistics portion of that transaction that the explosive growth in ecommerce sales is already causing in the supply chain.

DRS Product Diversion Doc

Online Marketplaces Continue to Fuel the Growth of Reclaim Product Diversion

Is Your Reverse Supply Chain Secured Against This Threat?

Third-party resellers continue to drive the explosive growth of online marketplaces. To satisfy this growth, retailers like Walmart and Target now allow other merchants to resell on their sites joining platforms like Amazon, Facebook and eBay.

Consumers flock to these sites enticed by the ever-growing number of items available, normally at lower prices.

DRS EPA Update Doc

Important EPA Update from DRS Product Returns

Do nothing and this update could cost you more.

If managed properly, this update to the rule should be a benefit to your company. However, your lack of, or an improper response to this update could cost you more for the disposition of these items moving forward.

Glossary of Commonly Used Supply Chain Industry Terms

This document provides a wide array of commonly used supply chain industry terms to help educate and drive awareness around the reverse logistics industry.